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1. In the various settings in the novel, each setting helps affect the characters and the plot. The national setting, Ireland, helps show how each person feels about their country. Some of the characters are apathetic while others are nationalists who want to change the way things are. Clongowes and Belvedere are two religious schools that Stephen attends. These two schools effect the way he reacts to religion and to people around him because they were both religious schools that required him to conform to their beliefs. It could not take place in England because of the economic and social circumstances that the characters have to go through. England is the country oppressing Ireland, which would make it difficult to have it take place there. It would be possible for it to be set in America during the American Revolution because there was a strong sense of patriotism during that time for many people.

With a few changes, it is possible to change the setting from Ireland to America. The influences of the government and how they are treated shape the characters in the novel and how they react to specific problems.

2. Joyce uses religious imagery and language throughout the novel in order to express the religious nature of Ireland and the different people that it effects. Stephen has many doubts of his religious faith because of various events in his life and in the country. Parnell, an Irish nationalist, attempts to help save Ireland, but fails to because of his sins. Father Dolan beats him with a pandybat even though he did not do anything wrong. People judge him constantly because he does not fully support them. All these reasons cause him to doubt his religion and causes him to want to be free of...