Portrayal of women in men's magazines

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The difference between Portrayal of Women in International and Czech-owned Men Magazines.

This research examinees portrayal of women in Czech men magazines that tend to show women as sexual objects and international men magazines where women are shown in more favorable way. Using content analysis, we collected empirical data of 243 ads and other sexual images, from three version of international magazine- GQ and compared to three Czech magazines- Red Hot and Esquire. The results showed a significant difference in images illustrating women as sexual objects in Czech and international men magazines. This subject is important to study because representation of women in men magazines influences men's perception of women in real life.

Mass media is one of the most powerful forms of communication. Information sent to the target audience trough television, radio or pint media deeply influences people's perception of the world around them. It shapes their values, beliefs and lifestyles.

Advertisements and images of women in print media, particularly glance magazines, are showing them in a decorative way, therefore the role of women in society is unclear. The portrayal of women as very sexy in the men's magazines create stereotypic value that women are good for nothing but sex and must be submissive, nice and well-behaved. Thus, the repeated portrayal of women as sex objects could create false beliefs that these roles are typical for women. Moreover, it could negatively affect women's self-image and limit their behavior.

Since the late 1960, a major debate started on the portrayal of women. The studies concluded that women were indeed portrayed in sexist manner, inferior to their capabilities and skills (Lysonski, 1985). Another study conducted by Courtney (1971) found "four traditional stereotypes of women: women did not make important decisions and do important things; women were dependent on men and needed...