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Consider the extent to which it is advisable to conduct worldwide immunisations against a particular emerging health threat, such as Avian or Swine Flu. Might such action be possible and/or advisable in the near future?



Using the news about Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever introduces the question about the worldwide immunisation, the importance of immunisation, brief introduction of positive and negative effects and my opinions of related questions.

Body 1

Paragraph 2 will mainly state the infeasibility of global vaccination in parts.

There is a large number of kinds of epidemic.

Barriers and limitations from different areas.

Paragraph 3 will describe disadvantages of global vaccination in parts.

Resources waste

Immunisation itself will bring secure issue and cause negative effects.

Body 2

Paragraph 4 will describe the possibility of integrating the global information to and resources to prevent and treat one kind of epidemics.

Mature information transmission technology

International organizations gather more power to focus on one outbreak epidemic

Paragraph 5 will illustrate the advantages for integrating.

Easier to discover solution for one specific disease

Student ID: 27342271

Developing countries can follow successful experience from developed ones.

Give more equal opportunities to people to access to vaccination by transparent information.


Finally summarising the disadvantages and infeasibility of global vaccination and the necessity of integrating all world epidemic information to prevent people from infection and to confront future challenges in disease treatment field.


Student ID: 27342271

Nearly the sudden outbreak of Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever in many Africa areas catches people attentions from every corner of the world. It is a kind of high mortality diseases caused by Ebola virus, initially found in the region of Ebola River, and until now there are not any effective treatments to cure this terrible epidemic. Although no specifically...