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In spring of 1972 a man named Jan Olsen moved to Massapequa, NY to start his own brewery called Brick Brewer, originally holding only two types of specialty beers: Lager and Ale with less then 10 employees. After more then 30 years in the business Mr. Olsen has created a company that houses more then 140 employees and has increased the amount of specialty beers from two to five (off-season) including, Lager, Ale, Dark, Berry and Malt.

Recently there was a problem with a specific batch of specialty brew and there was a noxious odor emitted into the air which affected the surrounding neighborhoods. There are previous circumstances like this from other breweries in the country where a specific ingredient was not up to quality or even the process was interrupted by either a power jolt or even an extreme change in weather condition effecting the methanol or ethanol. In 1993 there was a circumstance in a rural area of Pennsylvania when a certain chemical was added to the process to early and created and odor in the surrounding neighborhood which was said to be the cause of 6 illnesses.

It was later found that the cases had nothing to do with the smell and were completely circumstantial but the brewery was fined a small amount by the county for inconvenience to the residents.

Brick Brewer has been in the past decades an important aspect to Nassau County, its development has influenced the creation of 8 other breweries in the area and provides a service and product which is well respected not only in Nassau alone, but customers comes from Suffolk and all over the five boroughs just to enjoy Jan Olsen's products, he also has donated over $50,000 to the county in the past 10 years in Brick...