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Committee: Security CouncilTopic: Darfur – CrisisCountry: People’s Republic of ChinaDelegate(s): Nay Lin, Newcomers High SchoolThe People’s Republic of China supports an end to the humanitarian crisis in Darfur region of Sudan. China is ready to provide humanitarian assistance as needed with appropriate moderation. China stands ready to work with the international community in seeking peaceful conditions in Darfur.

China believes that any nations violating basic human rights should be punished. However, China opposes the use of economic sanctions in resolving the humanitarian crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan. It is our consistent view that instead of helping solve complicated problems, sanctions may make them even more complicated. Sanctions often turn civilians into victims, instead of leading to expected results. Therefore, under the current timing and circumstances, we do not wish to impose pressure and sanction.

China believes political talks between Sudanese are the most effective way to solve this humanitarian crisis.

China also urges African Union as well as other regional organizations to help lead and support Sudan in any possible way as it continues to walk through its peace process. China expects the Security Council to send peacekeeping troops to Darfur as soon as possible.

China will provide aids to alleviate this humanitarian crisis. China urges G8 countries to consider debt cancellations as well as to achieve 0.8 Percent Target. China believes that aids and assistance should be subsidizing itself instead of constant support from the global community. China believes that humanitarian assistances such as providing aids and debt cancellations will help restore normal order and achieve peace and stability in Darfur region of Sudan.

Together with the international community, China stands ready to strengthen our cooperation in tackling with the global issues. China will take actions, in agreement with the United Nations’...