Position Paper: "Coming to Terms with America's Changing Families."

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In "Coming to Terms with America's Changing Families" the author seemed to define "family" as any married couple. In my opinion, families are married couples with children, not just a married couple. He also talked a little about some predictions that were made early on in history. The predictions were about marriage and where it was headed. The prediction that marriage is dying is mind-boggling. That is what Robert Rector a representative of the Heritage Foundation had said about marriage. I find that prediction would be hard to believe if made today. Marriage has been around for a very long time in almost every culture. How could a practiced ceremony celebrated in almost every country be dead? Marriage is when two people pledge one another's love for each other in a ceremony. Marriage has been documented as far back as the as Roman period. Valentines' Day is a holiday that was created by St.

Valentine. He would marry couples who were forbidden to get married, or wanted to and couldn't for other reasons. Even if back then it was not called marriage, it was a ceremony bonding two people together by love. There will always be something like it. Look at today's modern marriage, it does not have to be only a man and a woman, same sex marriages are now legal in several states.

John Watson, a famous child psychiatrist of the early 20th century, predicted in 1928 that by the late 1970's marriage would be dead. Amitai Etzionia, sociologist, in 1977, made a prediction that by the mid-1990's there would not be any families left. How would any of us be here, would we all be the products of unwed parents? Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation states that marriage is dying and that the next ten years...