Position Paper on Genetics

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There are many controversial arguments involving the positive and negative effects of Genetic Engineering. Three reasons why I think Genetic Engineering is a good idea is that it increases productivity and makes plants better, it helps those with diabetes to produce insulin, and it can also save lives.

Genetic engineering is scientific alteration of the structure of genetic material in a living organism. It involves the production and use of recombinant DNA and has been employed to create bacteria that synthesize insulin and other human proteins

There are many advantages of Genetically Modified plants. There is an increase of productivity and makes plants better. Farmers use Genetic Engineering to enhance the quality of their cops. With the use of genetic Engineering, labor costs decrease and the time farmers once put into their crops was cut in half. Foods that are grown from genetically modified crop varieties (GM foods) have benefits for humans.

For example, according to Jeff May from the University of Delaware, GM foods that have a higher content of digestible iron can have a positive health effect on those individuals who are iron-deficient. Advances in biotechnology will probably result in crops with an improved nutritional quality. These crops could be very beneficial to the many people who suffer from malnutrition or deficiency disorders. The use of pesticides is not used anymore, which makes it beneficial to the surroundings of the environment.

Not only does Genetic Engineering increase productivity and make plants better, it can also be used to produce human insulin and helps those with diabetes. Certain human proteins, such as insulin, are sometimes needed on demand. Unfortunately, our bodies can not produce them on the spot. This can be very dangerous for some people, like those with diabetes. Diabetics do not produce enough insulin...