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Executive SummaryThere is a need to produce inexpensive, safe and nutritious foods to help feed the world’s growing population and GM food is hailed to be the solution. Genetic modification is able to provide the world with food that is more nutritious, disease-resistant, flavorful and cheaper than natural foods. This technology may improve the lives of millions of people in the world.

With the help of GM technology, scientists are able to develop solutions to solve the world’s hunger and malnutrition problems. Farmers can now improve the quality and quantity of their crops through the development of crops that are pest and disease resistant and herbicide tolerant.

A common argument against GM food is that the products may adversely affect human health. However, this argument has no basis as there have been no studies reporting that GM food could lead to health risks. Furthermore, GM food in Singapore goes through numerous international and local safety tests and stringent guidelines are in place to ensure that food safety level is at its maximum.

In light of these misconceptions about GM Food, it is recommended that GMAC takes the initiative to disseminate scientifically-sound and reliable information to the public through press events, forums, roadshows and the use of print materials such as brochures and magazines.

The communication outlets will help the public gain a better understanding on GM food and the advantages of it especially in meeting the needs and challenges of the future.

1. IntroductionGenetically modified (GM) food is an area of biotechnology that is developing very rapidly. With many potential applications for improving the quantity and quality of the world’s food supply, GM food is dubbed as the “Food of the Future”. GM food involves a special set of technologies that modifies organisms in the laboratory to enhance desired...