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In the two articles discussing homosexuality, Irving Bieber and Mark Freedman argued their points of homosexuality being abnormal or normal. Bieber argued that homosexuality was abnormal because of the psychological effects it has had and will have on the person.

Bieber reported that over the years he and his colleagues had never found any supporting evidence that homosexuality was normal. The family life that homosexuals had been through was not a normal family life. In most cases, the mother was overprotective and the father was either not around or did not have a major positive role on the child. He stated that "in most cases, the mother was indeed overly close, inappropriately intimate with her son, intrusive, overprotective, and demasculinizing, but the most striking of [his] findings was the consistency of a seriously disturbed father-son relationship" (248). None of his findings resulted in an affectionate or constructive father being present in the son's life.

Most of the fathers were reported "detached, and/or openly hostile or never there" (248). In a study conducted in 1962, he found that male homosexuality "would not evolve in a loving, constructively related father despite a neurotic mother-son relationship" (249). Since 1962 he has seen 850 homosexual patients from various ethnic and socioeconomic groups. He has also seen about 50 of their parents. In all of these cases, not a single family had a good father-son relationship. Bieber finds "plenty" wrong with a "close-binding, possessive, over-intimate mother" (249). He also finds that many writers who think that homosexuality is a normal behavior leave out the fact that fathers and developmental history are important. Also in 1962 was a study conducted between 106 male homosexual and 100 male heterosexual people. They were tested on 500 items that tapped parent-child relationships, inter-parental relationships, sibling and peer relationships, sexual...