Position Paper on Leading Teams

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High Performance Organizations


Effective communication is mandatory when leading teams.

Whether it is listening, discussing projects, feedback

from team members, emphasizing your ideas or explaining

your ideas to your team,

without effective communication, no team will be well led.

Leading Teams

Business and communication have now meshed together to produce a hybrid business environment. In researching this topic, I found a wide assortment of books, journal and magazine articles, and websites by various authors on leading teams. Some have more impressive qualifications in the subject matter than others. All of the articles and books found on team leadership provide advice and understanding on how to lead teams and achieve positive results. However, the business magazines such as the Workforce, and books like "Leading Teams" by J. Hackman, provided more in depth research and information on how to specifically lead teams. The references that were cited by the different authors also led me to more extensive information on the subject of leading teams.

"Avoiding a communication breakdown: keeping employees informed benefits business" (Clemons, 2003), an article in Black Enterprise, states that "Internal communication is more important today than in previous years partly because the business and market conditions are more complex." (Clemons, 2003) John G. Clemons, chairman of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), is the author of this article. In the article he explains how "more businesses are embracing internal communications as a way to keep employees informed and increase their understanding of the company's goals and objectives." (Clemons, 2003) With Clemons credible career involving business communication, he expresses how important it is to have your subordinates informed, so that management can lead effectively.

J. Richard Hackman is a Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology at Harvard University (Hackman, 2002). Harvard University is a internationally renowned...