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Position Paper on Pornography

There are a lot of pros and cons about pornography some of them are big issue in some are not. I will be expanding the pros side of the debate by stating what they believe are the positive functions of pornography.1) Provides information about sex like different position. 2) Provides entertainment like something to sit back in relaxes to. 3) Improves sexual relation among married people. 4) It encourage in motion in sexual techniques. Pornography is not a big issue today in society only to some people. Some people do not complain because it provides jobs and relieves stress for people when there are going through it.

The con sides of the debate by describing what they think are the negative consequences of pornography. 1) It leads the moral breakdown of society in many different ways in life today. 2) It leads people to rape someone.

3) It produces bore don with sex. 4) It leads people to disrespect lady and it also leads you to have health hazard. If you look at pornography in a cons way it is bad in many way. We do not want are kids growing up looking at this madness because it does not set a good goal for them and life today.

The side I stand beside a 100% is the cons side because of many reasons today. I feel that if I have the power to get rids of Pornography I will. 1) It leads people to disrespect lady. In I have a mother in two sister I will go crazy if they came home are call me and told me they have been disrespected and a sexual ways I going to hurt someone. In life you also got to look at it if you...