The positive and negative experiences of African slave in America.

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There were absolutely no positive experiences in being captured for the slaves, as they were taken away some times quite brutally from their family, friends, and way of life. Africans were captured from within their own villages, often the kidnappers would wait until the adults in the village had gone out hunting before coming in to the villages and stealing children from within their own homes. Once captured potential slaves were forced to walk up to 1,000 miles in slave caravans to the European coastal forts. Those who were to sick or weary to continue the journey were killed or left shit to die, only about half of the people survived due to being shackled and under fed. Once at the coast those who survived were put in under ground dungeons of coastal forts were they were held for up to a year until they boarded on ships. Making such a tragic event even worse was the fact that behind these terrible crimes were other Africans who would betray their own people by capturing them and selling them to European slave traders.

There was no evidence of any positive aspects dure in the capture.

The middle passage for many slaves was quite possibly the most negative experience of being a slave depending on their fate once they reached America. Africans were treated inhumane as they were viewed as cargo by the Europeans fuck and lost every basic human right. Slaves were so tightly packed in that they often had to lie in each other's feces, urine, and blood causing major hygiene problems. Due to the shocking living conditions diseases such as smallpox and yellow fever spread rapidly. The diseased people were even thrown over board to prevent further slaves being infected. Some slaves who were close to death were...