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ABSTRACTThis article is intended to give each faculty member ideas on how to make their students feel more comfortable within the classroom environment. It also serves as the purpose of focusing on better communication skills with the instructors and their students at Kaplan University. We as an education community must work together to make sure that each student receives the best education he or she deserves.

 How many times have you stressed to your class the importance of communication? Now, how often does it seem, the more you constantly remind your students how valuable communication is, the even more, less likely they are to talk to you? Although, you may think that you are the easiest person to talk to, this may not be the same message that your students may get.

As instructors, we must remind ourselves that we are the ones that have been selected to set the foundation for each of our students as they go forth to pursue their professional goals.

Using my own personal experience, the following are some ideas that should certainly help you self develop your class:• Show your students that you are human too. Allow you students to see that they can come to you about any concerns they may have without wondering if you will intimidate or look down on their situation. Students can be intimidated by the position you hold or the idea talking among their peers. Some people are simply shy. So, don’t be afraid to bring a little bit of your personality into your classroom! Let them see your humorous side. It’s okay to laugh a little, as long as you remember you are the professional.

• Be clear and concise at all times. When it comes to writing and orally communicating to your students, make sure...