Positive Uses Of Marijuana

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Marijuana offers its users alleviation and a heightened joy that no other drugs offer. Marijuana smoke contains 30 cannabinoid drugs, THC being the most common one (4). The cannabinoids in marijuana are effective treatments for symptoms such as pain relief, control of nausea and vomiting, and appetite stimulation. Some of its effects are modest, and some other drugs may be better for some treatments. But not everyone is responsive to the other treatments. For people with AIDS or people going though chemotherapy may benefit from the multi-symptom effects of marijuana. In addition to these physiological effects, there are psychological effects as well. Marijuana can reduce anxiety, can cause sedation, and euphoria.

The side effects of marijuana are minuscule comapred to many other drugs used to treat pain. ecent studies conducted in Australia, by the University of Adelaide's pharmacology department and Transport SA, found that cannabis was the only drug tested that decreased the relative risk of having an accident.

Contrary to popular belief, Marijuana affects short-term memory but not long-term memory. For example: a student who studies and learns a theory over a few days or weeks is using long-term memory while another student cramming for an exam filled with facts is using short-term memory.

The purpose of drugs is to treat the sick. Drugs much more dangerous and damagining then marijuana are prescribed and kill people every day, one of the most common being Morphine. Morphine has many side effects. The most dangerous is respiratory depression. Minor degrees of respiratory depression may be detected following standard doses of morphine, but this is not clinically important. With higher doses or in frail patients, the respiratory rate decreases, the patient becomes increasingly sedated, and the pupils very small. Common side effects are nausea and vomiting due to a central action of morphine stimulating one of the centres in the brain concerned with vomiting called the chemotactic trigger zone. Other central nervous system side effects of morphine are cough suppression, sedation, and dependence leading to addiction. Addiction is not a problem when morphine is used to treat acute pain after surgery; sufficient morphine should always be given to relieve the pain. Marijuana can be used many different ways. The the best way to use it is for diseases. Marijuana can be used for glaucoma. It also can be used for cancer. It can be used for almost any disease where vomiting or pain is involved. It doesn't stop the pain but it does dull it. The only known harm marijuana does is that fatty cells develop in your brain, causing a loss of short term memory. The other is that because marijuana smoke must be held in for a relatively long time compared to cigarette smoke, extremely rare instances of severe lung damage can occur.