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w What is the internet?

w Why you should have it?

w I have it


w Who sells the internet?

w Equipment that's is needed?

w Legal/illegal implications?

w Accessibility- which browser?

w Material

w Protection

w Upload/download


w Advantages?

w What can it do for you?

w New world


The internet is a service that is available on computer to subscribers. The

internet opens up a whole new world of communication, information and

entertainment. having access to the internet has given me a chance to explore a

totally new dimension in technology. I believe that any body who has access to the

internet will benefit greatly from this experience.

The internet service is marketed by various companies which are on the

increase on a daily basis. These companies basically offer the same package but

differ in the amounts they charge for membership. In my opinion a good company

to subscribe to is one that offers a flat rate.

In order to access the internet you require a good computer and a powerful

modem . If you have these it is much easier and faster to 'Surf the Net'. I would

recommend a 28.8 kbs modem manufactured by U.S Robotics.

The Internet can give you access to both legal & illegal sites on the net.

There is pirated software e.g. full version of games that you can access without

actually paying for them.

The internet can only be accessed with a browser. There are a few web

browsers but two main ones are Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.

As I mentioned earlier, the internet allows everyone to access various

topics of interests on the web. The choices ranges from recreational, education,

hobbies, communications and entertainment.

There is always a risk of accessing...