the possibility of evil

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conversation between Miss Strangeworth, Mr. Lewis, and Mrs. Harper

Miss Strangeworth: "Good morning, Mr. Lewis."

Mr.Lewis: "Good morning, Miss Strangeworth. Such a lovely day."

Miss Straneworth: "It is a very nice day." (She looks out the window.) "I would like a chop, please, Mr. Lewis, a small, lean veal chop."

(She notices Mr. Lewis bringing in a box of strawberries and walks toward them)

"Are those strawberries from Arthur Parker's garden? They are early this year."

Mr. Lewis: "He brought them in this morning. Would you like to have some?"

Miss Stangeworth: "Yes, of course. I shall have a box."

(She looks around the store and points at a can.)

"And also a can of cat food, and I think a tomato."

(Mr. Lewis nods his head lethargically)

Miss Strangeworth: "What day is it today, Mr. Lewis."

Mr. Lewis: "It's Tuesday."

(Miss Stangeworth hesitates and sighs)

Miss Strangeworth: "It's Tuesday, Mr.

Lewis. You forgot to remind me."

Mr. Lewis: "Did I? Sorry...."

Miss Strangeworth: "Imagine your forgetting that I always buy my tea on Tuesday."

(She smiles) A quarter pound of tea please, Mr. Lewis. By the way, I think you should have some tea right now to stimulate your brain."

Mr. Lewis: "Thank you, Miss Strangeworth. You know, I don't like tea. My grandson was jumping around my house last night. I couldn't fall asleep."

Miss Strangeworth: " Oh, I just saw him on my way here. He was showing off his new hat to his friends."

Mr. Lewis: "A new hat?" (He whispered.)

Miss Strangeworth: "I think that's all I need, Mr. Lewis."(She interrupts him.)

Mr. Lewis: " Oh, Okay. Thank you Miss Strangeworth. Have a lovely day."

Miss Strangeworth: "Yes, it will be lovely."

Mrs. Harper: Morning, Adela! (wave hands)

Miss Strangeworth:...