What possible conflicts could arise in this team approach to management? Would these conflicts be beneficial or harmful to the organization?

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Most members involved in a work team generally come from other locations through out. When joined together, the panel creates a unique core. In itself, it will blend and have the flexibility in choosing different options to cope with problems in a work place. The entire unit is the nucleus like that of a cell. Choosing a suitable crew is vital, its goals and dynamics must correspond with company objectives. The probability of crippling an organization will diminish with qualified employees participating within the team. More importantly, directors must find methods to sustain morale and reward staff for good work.

Everyone must know what to do and how to do their jobs. Women in Business quoted some techniques in participating in a team more effectively. They said, "ask your team leader to define your group's objectives, then, make a personal commitment to work toward those goals." This advice seems simple, however, ineffective teams often contain members working on their own agendas, pulling the team in different directions.

A company must be sure that everyone understands and keeps in mind the 'big picture.' The team must work toward consensus. Everyone on the team needs not to agree on every issue, but the more agreement that exists; the better the team will perform.

Creating an effective work team involves knowing company direction and policies. Acknowledging different views, understanding concerns of others and having mediators to assess diversity would aid in a better work setting for everyone. This would serve as a major stepping-stone towards success for a company.

Some conflicts that may arise are some teams fall into the "cross functional group" that needs specific instructions to complete assignments. When failure occurs, they tend to pass blame toward other departments. This type of behavior creates a hectic environment with finger...