The posssibilities of Terraforming Mars and some opinion.

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The Earth that we live on today is becoming overpopulated with more than six billion people. The human race is exhausting many natural resources such as oil, habitat and minerals. The ozone is disappearing due to pollution and pollution is also causing global warming on Earth. The human race must find a new home because Earth might not be able to endure life for much longer. The only option we have is to move the human race somewhere else. There are few choices and the most logical choice is Mars. Before we can live on Mars, we have to terraform the planet. Terraforming is the process of transforming the Martian atmosphere to create a more habitable living environment. Mars is very similar to Earth in many ways and is the ideal planet to sustain life.

Mars is a cold and dry planet today. But, long ago, the planet was once a warm, wet, tropical paradise.

There are dried up riverbeds and rock-strewn floodplains which proves as evidence that Mars was once habitable. Mars holds the elements that are needed for life to exist. Some of these elements are water, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. Water may be frozen in the polar ice caps at the north and south poles of Mars.

There are some similarities between the Earth and Mars. Some of these similarities are that when Earth was first formed, its atmosphere was almost identical to that of Mars today. It was mostly composed of all carbon dioxide and no oxygen. It wasn't until photosynthetic bacteria developed on Earth that enough oxygen was produced to allow for the development of complex organisms. The similarity to the early Earth and modern Mars atmospheres has led some scientist to believe the same process that turned Earth's atmosphere from mostly carbon...