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I put this in one big entry because I found it tedious to just split it up by chapters, hopefully this is acceptable, and understandable because it was understandable to me!!!!! Anyway his book was ok, it was rather a looooong read, and for some reason hard because it doesn't seem like it was written for my people my age. But anyway...

There have been so many different views, that were hurtful to others, or just didn't "sit right" with them and therefore causing violent acts to happen. This country is always trying to solve the problem by using "reasoning" to try to understand each other's view, which doesn't' work neither. It almost always ends up in violence. One thing that comes to mind was the story Lord of the Flies. It is about a group of young boys who was stranded on a deserted island during WWII. Realizing their predicament, they begin to create their own "society."

At first everything is great. There is a leader and then there are followers. However, as the book progresses, another one of the "children" feels that he is better suited for power and a struggle begins. The two "kids" both want control over others and their differences split the community into two. It is at this point that evil begins to take over. The innocent children have now become savages. Violence, hatred, and even murder can be found. I had to really look deeper into the book to realize that it is a reflection on the evils of human nature and society: greed, the need for power, and the need to destroy. No doubt the violent and gruesome activities of WWII played a role in the author's attitude. This book just showed me a lot about everyone has ideas how to live,