Potential, being "invisible" in a community.

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He is sitting in the first row in the classroom. He always likes to sit in that seat, because that is the most conspicuous one in the room, therefore He can be the first guy people could see when they step into this room and He can take the advantage of it when people come in and look for someone to have a conversation with.

The room is being filled with more and more students with old and new faces. He is still sitting over there, unlike the others in this room, He is alone, does not seem to talk or even take a look around. Oh, there is another guy coming in, how He hopes this guy will walk to Him and start a conversation with Him, or at least glance at Him. Unfortunately but not surprisingly, he passed without glancing at Him. Now He has completely despaired.

"Is this because of my manner, or my stupid hairstyle, or the color of my skin?" He questioned.

Suddenly, He stops Himself from questioning, because He is reminding Himself of something He does not even want to think about. He becomes gloomy and somehow hysterical. He is feeling there is a mysterious force trying to push Him out of His seat.

With the bell ringing, He comes to calm down a little. Throughout the class, He has been trying to put all His attention onto the geometric problem, hopes it can help stop Himself from thinking, and it works. Things always happen unexpectedly, He hears laughter from the back of the class, and it sounds like a bolt from the blue.

What the heck are they laughing at? Did the teacher make a stupid mistake? Or are they just laughing at me? Those immature dirty scums, why do they always...