The potential of exporting liquid soap from the UK into Thailand's market

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In this report we decided to explore the possibility of introducing Simple liquid soap from United Kingdom (fifth largest exporter) to Thailand. Although, the general soap market in Thailand is declining but the liquid soap market is growing continuously. For example, the leader of soap market; P&G had a 15 percent decline in its bar soap due to the consumers switching to liquid soap. It is a new style of soap and Thai people seem to appreciate it. Also the weather in Thailand is hot so Thai people pay careful attention in selecting skincare products especially liquid soap. In addition, Thai people always feel excited in new kind of product and they always try to use it. Therefore, the liquid soap market seems to have a good fortune in Thailand due to the good number of Thai population, GDP growth, inflation rate and growth rate of soap in Thai market.

The scopes of this report are potential of liquid soap in Thai's market, Product strengths and weakness, positioning issues, timing, and entry method and mix tactics.

Company Background

Accantia Health and Beauty Ltd. is a dynamic, "can do" company, which produces skincare and healthcare products. All head offices functions are based at Alum Rock, Birmingham. Accantia has subsidiaries in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The company formed as a result of a leveraged buys out of the consumer business from Smith and Nephew Plc. There are many skin care and skin care product under the Accantia Company, which is Lil-lets, Simple, Simple Skin Define, Cidal, Wrights and retail brands. The highly successful brand of the Accantia Company is Simple, Cidal and Wrights.

Our report will emphasize on Simple liquid soap, which is a good quality product at a reasonable price. There are many product lines under Simple...