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It's hard imagining the suffering and challenges poverty stricken children and adults are facing. When the word poverty comes to mind what do you think of? A lonely man sitting on the cold sidewalk, begging for money, holding a sign that says "need money to survive". Some live in worse conditions. Every day you see commercials and images of starving children to depict the horrible living conditions they call "home". When we see these commercials we skip past them hoping to lose sight of the hungry, poverty stricken kids, crying in their blank expressions hoping one day that they will live a better life. All around the world poor parents are taking care of their poor children. About 80% of humans live on less than $10 a day (Anup Sah, 1998). Poverty prevents people from purchasing and acquiring the basic necessities of life. Because of poverty 22,000 children alone die each day and nearly a billion people in the 21st century are unable to read a book or even sign their own name (Anup Sah, 1998).

In this essay I will focus on 3 main topics which are: people die due to lack of money and lack of food, society will be better if there no poverty, and it results in millions of people becoming homeless.

10.6 million people died in 2003 before they reached the age of 5 (roughly 29,000 children per day) because of poverty ("web.worldbank.org," ). The loss of lives because of poverty is un-necessary. The reason they suffer is because they are unable to purchase the basic needs of life such as food. Between 1998 and 200 there were 840 million deaths due to malnutrition or hunger. We could have simply saved 840 million people with the food we throw away. We watch it happen...