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What is poverty? This is a question that only a fool would ask. Poverty is everywhere. Not only would a fool not know what poverty is, but an ignorant fool. Not only it is a big problem in our society, but it is in every society, and it's even bigger in other societies as I see it. Discussing poverty is one thing and working to reduce poverty is another, for every end there is always a simple beginning.

The main cause of poverty is the government, the government is one of the countries pillars, and if one of the pillars fell or failed to support then the country will have problems like poverty present and obstructing the development of the country. The government controls jobs and their availability, that's why if the government fell jobs won't be available for the people and therefore result in poverty. Another reason of why poverty is present is because there not enough charities for supporting the poor. Of cores poverty is also there because of us, who but us the members of the society is there to blame, we are the government and we are also the charities, so who eventually is to blame but us, some of us have bigger roles than other but a person always has a role that participates to making poverty there or not.

Poverty plays a big role in everyone's lives; its effects are bigger than we think even though we don't feel it. Imagine what would your everyday life would be like without poverty, you would have the best car, you would be in the best school, you would be a king, but instead there came poverty, it is affecting you in a way that you might not even know f...