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Rising Above Poverty: Striking for Success

Angélica C. Marrero

Andrea Gonzalez

Moises Labrador

Eric Lancourt

Inter American University of Puerto Rico

Rising Above Poverty: Striking for Success:

The word "poverty" may sound pretty ironic in a country such as the United States, but the reality is that poverty in America is not something that recently became an issue; it has been around for many years and it still not over. Although there have been programs implemented to help the less affluent such as Social Security, Food Stamps and housing assistance, those programs have helped lower the high risk of poverty but unfortunately are not enough to eliminate poverty in the United States. The primary issue in the area of poverty in America is inequality, the government needs to work and find better ways to break that gap. Increasingly more and more citizens are finding themselves without income and are being unable to support themselves or their families.

According to Tim Worstall (2004) in the United States, approximately 40 million people are considered living in the condition of poverty. On the other hand there are many privileged people that are growing up with the mistaken belief that "poverty is a disease only to be cured by the individuals affected by it." Truth is, that poor people in America are not poor by choice; the majority of them are simply deprived from many of the opportunities that the non-poor receives such as good education and health care. What is happening to "the land of opportunities? Is it fading? Well, in America growing up from poverty might be tough as a result of how the economic system is organized. Poverty may seem unchangeable but in every situation there is hope.

Sadly, many...