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Will Poverty End

Today it seems as if everyone has a theory about fighting poverty. Our country has done a lot about this situation, yet the problems seems to be growing each day we wake up. It must be accepted that these problems cannot be solved overnight and patience, perseverance and dedication towards solving these problems is needed. After all Rome wasn't built in a day. The main question still remains that with our brilliant anti-poverty programs, will it ever end?

Poverty can be subdivided into two different dimensions. The first one being absolute poverty, which refers to those people who have insufficient income to fulfill the basic needs of either themselves or their families. These basic needs being clothing, shelter and food, which are all necessities to maintain a healthy living. The other dimension of poverty is relative poverty and this dimension refers to people whose income is far below average in their particular community.

It is hard to fight poverty because it has some other parallel effects which are drug abuse, violence, oppression, HIV/Aids, crime and a lack of education and skills. These problems need the same attention as poverty which will make it almost impossible for humans to be victorious in their fighting poverty.

"The situation in South Africa is such that there is a huge economic gap between the rich and poor within the boundaries of our own country" (poverty-remains-priority-sa, 2014) . I feel it is government's responsibility to bridge this economic gap in South Africa by even distribution of wealth in the country. One possible way of doing this is by working together with the media and introducing programs to people especially in the rural communities to inform them of the many career and business opportunities available. These programs could be advertised on television,