Poverty and injustice in society

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Poverty in Society becomes the injustice in and around the communities in the United States.

Many poverty stricken individuals turns to violence when not see help from others (author,2008). When driving, a homeless man asked for money on the corner of the street. The feelingof fear overcome an individual as he or she double check the locks on his or her car doors.

Unwillingly, the individual rolls down the car window and offer support. The individual behinddoes the same as, he or she eagerly awaits the green light.

All may and see the poverty situation in the society and communities' people, instead of helping, allseem to only mumble and stumble trying to get away from looking at the people or even the evidence infront of them. When considering where the level federal poverty lines should be set one must considerwhat is poverty. The first definition would be relative poverty, a condition that exists when people may beable to afford basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter, but cannot maintain an averagestandard of living, in comparison to that of other members of their society or group.

The other isabsolute poverty, a condition that exists when people do not have the means to secure the most basicnecessities such as food, clothing, and shelter, but cannot maintain an average standard of living,In my opinion, clearly defining the average standard of living of the society can beambiguous.

Urban neighborhoods in the society face the worst of two worlds. The two worlds ofpoverty and injustice. Many have tried to use the resources only seen in path, hoping to havesomeone reach out just enough to understand the situation and, what each one is going throughon a daily basis. finding the magic bullet to create sustainable living for decent work and even tofind the social...