Poverty and Solutions.

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Poverty is an ever increasing problem in our country today. It affects millions and leaves many children and adults homeless and hungry. The most disturbing part is, poverty doesn't just affect those who have been poor decisions, in fact most people living in poverty were born into it and have done no wrong. All kinds of races and ethnicities live in poverty also, it is a deadly trap to fall into a steryotype.

There are many things we can do to put an end to poverty. First, as a country, it is a good idea to stay out of forgien conflict, as this never helps the economy. Also, creating jobs always sounds like a great idea, however it's not always this easy. Creating jobs means further urbanizing areas and then you will have a hurd of envirnmentalists on your back. Mayor Daley actually has one of the best ideas I've heard yet, and that was to scatter public housing into the suburbs, to ensure those living in poverty are offered the same privliges as over priviliged suburben teenagers.

When you think about it though, you can cut the edges of poverty down, but it can't truly ever go away. There will always be a lower class, there has to be, anything else is communism. The only thing that can change is the standard of lower class. We can improve their quality of life, instead of trying to make them wealthy. Consider this, maybe we can't make everyone rich, and we never will. That's a good thing, people are all different and we are all not meant to be wealthy. Instead of focusing on poverty, let's change it slightly, let's make sure every person is living happily. The people living in poverty don't always need a quick change into...