Poverty And Wealth In The World

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Jesus had a lot to teach about poverty and wealth. Rich people were seen as being rewarded for hard work by God where as poor people were seen as to be punished by God for their sins. Because of this, poor people were not treated equally and were seen as being not half as important as rich people. Jesus would often come across someone rich and would see the way in which they treated a poor person. He said that a rich person should share all of his wealth with a poor person and then he would be rewarded in heaven. He said that the poor had a special favour with God, "Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the Kingdom of Heaven".

There are a number of stories in the bible in which Jesus used to get the message across to the people. There was one story about the widows offering (Luke 21:1-4).

After watching many people put large sums of money into the treasury, Jesus saw a poor widow put in 2 small copper coins. Jesus told his disciples the she had put in more than all the others because they had given to God out of their wealth where as the woman had given to God out of her own poverty. This tells us that even though she hardly had enough to keep herself going; she still had the heart to give money where others wouldn't have done so. Many rich people gave many as they saw it as a chore or for popularity so that they would be on good terms with the religious leaders but Jesus taught that you should not boast because then you are doing nothing more than pleasing yourself and that you don't really care about the reason why you...