Poverty in Capitalistic Society

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Poverty and the contributing factors

In the journalistic archives of William Morris he states that socialism is " the increase of wealth by means of the combination and co-operation of the varying powers and capacities of men, and the equitable distribution of the wealth so produced; and as each man's capacities can be used for the benefit of the community". In this type of society an individual will not suffer from poverty unless the whole of the society is in poverty. It was believed that every person born into society would fully share of the sum of benefits produced by it. However, the belief of the present day capitalist wage-earner believes that a person's accomplishments should be standardized and qualified as to its worth to the society. The capitalistic society believes that wealth is never excessive, you strive to get as much as you can or want. The United States has developed into the rich few and the many poor.

Poverty exists because it was designed to exist. The concept of mine supersedes the concept of sharing. This is a great philosophy for keeping people motivated, but it is terrible for shared growth and wealth. The exclusively rich and powerful work hard to stay rich and powerful. The exclusive being, a combination of privileged persons united for the purpose of excluding the majority of the population from participation in the wealth. This is accepted logic even though the non privileged are the workers that support the privileged in obtaining more wealth. Poverty in a wealthy capitalistic society is by design and will exist until there is a fundamental change in philosophy to empower all citizens in control of there society.

Poverty is a relative term. In the United States, a person is considered poverty stricken if they reside in a...