Poverty in the Philippines : Housing Projects

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“Money makes the world go round” that’s what they say. Money plays an important role in our lives; it is money which often dictates one’s power - more money, more power, more recognized; less money, less power, unrecognized.

A problem worldwide is the unequal distribution of the money. The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. While the rich is constantly having big houses, the poor is constantly struggling to get a house well built. The rich often raises less children while the poor believes that more children would lead them better future. We always have the developed sites in which we often put our attention to. On the other hand, we don’t pay attention to the squatters living in dirty corners of our nation. This for me is a big and universal problem – poverty.

Poverty can be seen anywhere in the Philippines. The squatters live anywhere possible – by the rails, riverside, under the bridge or even on sidewalks.

We see them often but we don’t pay attention to their numbers. These squatters were actually descendants of people affected by the war and descendants of province people searching for success in Manila.

There are many causes of poverty. We might think that there are many hard working Filipinos who work as OFW’s worldwide; but in reality, the less eagerness of Filipinos who love to work is the one which affects our poverty rate. Also, the Philippines which is considered to be Catholic country may believe in their God too much that they are spoiled in some way. God gave the Philippines a wonderful soil that easily produces crops which often spoils the Filipinos.

The Philippines has been struggling years to solve the issue of poverty particularly in passing housing projects for the poor. The Philippines had been...