Is the Power Absolute? Compare the power in Handmaid's tale and the Matrix. the power looks very strong, but actually it's not.

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Is the Power absolute?

When people talk about the presidents of the United States, or presidents of the city bank, what do they usually come to mind? Definitely it's the power. But what does power mean? Now we are not talking about the energy. Here the power means the ability or right to control people or events. Do those people have power? Of course they do. They have great power over the people and the events. However, are they really as strong as we thought, or can they control everything they want? Here I'm going to talk about it both in the fiction---Handmaid's tale and movie---Matrix.

Power is very strongly represented in Handmaid's tale and Matrix. Handmaid's tale describes a dystopian world called Gilead, where all the women are controlled by the commanders. They are ranked in different classes. Handmaids are one of the classes belonging to the commanders like slaves, and their only duty is to have sex with commanders and give birth to the babies.

In this society, commanders have the great power. While in Matrix, there is another dystopian world, where human beings are under the control of computers. They not only live in a cyber world, but also they themselves are cyber as well. Unfortunately nobody knows about this truth except a few freedom fighters---who can live in the real world. Agent, which is a computer program called sentient program, have the great power over human beings. But no matter how strong the power is, we will see through the fiction and the movie that it's not necessary that power belongs to one person and he can have everything under his control. Powerful people have weakness that we hardly notice. Like the commander in the fiction, he himself is confined too. He himself is...