Power and Politics

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NAMEUNIVERSITYCOURSE CODE/TITLEINSTRUCTORDATELeadership: Power and PoliticsThe challenges faced by strategic leaders when implementing complex and long-term consequential decisions demand that they be sophisticated with respect to issues of leadership, power and influence. In today's complex organizations where change shapes the nature of work the development of political will, expertise and personal skills to become more flexible, innovative, and adaptive are necessary. Without political awareness and skill, an organization faces the prospect of becoming immersed in bureaucratic infighting, parochial politics and destructive power struggles, which greatly hinder organizational initiative, innovation, morale, and performance.

Organizational management is essential to creating an environment that supports continuous improvement of individuals and their organizations to better provide for the communities they serve. Every organization needs a leader with a clear understanding of the issues facing their organization and is prepared to implement them while maintaining operational functions, developing employee skills, and managing human resources. (Douglas & Litan, 2008)Government and BiotechnologyWe have a profound responsibility to ensure that the life-saving benefits of any cutting-edge research are available to all human beings.

Today we take a major step in that direction by pledging to lead a global effort to make the raw data from DNA sequencing available to scientists everywhere to benefit people everywhere. I urge all of the nations, scientists and corporations to adopt this policy and honor its spirit. We must ensure that the profits of human genome research are measured not in dollars, but in the betterment of human life. U.S. President Bill Clinton, March 14th 2000 (Friedman, Ph.D., 2006).

While the United States is the world leader in biotechnology, funding is the single most significant factor. The United States government contributes more funding to biotechnology than any other country. Political support of intellectual property and patenting agencies can be credited to innovations...