Power in the Asia Pacific Region

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Legitimate or widely recognized ability of a state to exercise effective control of a territory within its recognized borders.

National Interest

The interests of a state that are used to justify their policies/actions. - includes the goals/objectives of a state's foreign policy. States have varied interests however security is the primary interest of all states.


The ability of a global actor to influence the actions of another global actor.


Groups of people claiming common bonds based on culture, history and language. Nations with no states- Kurds. Nations with states- Japanese.


Political grouping of people within defined borders who share a common language, culture and history, and who have their own state which exercised sovereignty.


Traditionally refers to the protection of a states borders from military invasion and the maintenance of sovereignty through the use of military power. Security now incorporates economic security such as access to natural resources and environmental security such as the protection of ecosystems.


The idea that foreign policy should be influenced above all by moral principles rather than by pragmatism. E.g Adhere more strongly to communist ideology and argue for the retention of state owned enterprises rather than privately owned businesses.


The idea that foreign policy should be influenced above all by practical considerations and national interests rather than moral principles.


Factors that shape it

Economic growth is needed to maintain social stability and the legitimacy of the communist party.

Stated as a key objective by President Hu Jintao in 2005 as a top priority

Extent of Success

8-10% economic growth over past 10 years

Worlds 2nd largest economy

Rural poverty decreased from 250 million in 1978 to 21 million in 2007


Undermining other interests e.g. harmonious society due to pollution.

Environmental problems e.g. pollution of...