Power is a choice

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Power is a choice

While our status in society can determine the amount of power we hold, it remains true that everyone holds some extent of power. As a result of this, it is clear that having some form of power also brings about a choice in whether we want to utilise this power or not. While people can attain power without their own choice, the decision to utilise their power is still ultimately considered a choice.

It can be said that some people are born powerful, and some with lesser power. Sometimes, it is our fate and status that determines the extent of power we hold and that we are not given a choice in the extent of our power. However, while this holds true to some extent, our decision to utilise our power regardless of its amount is regarded as a choice and this in turn empowers our actions and motives.

This can be reflected in the film "The Hunger Games" directed by Gary Ross which explores the theme of power and choice. Katniss, the main character, comes from the poorest and most oppressed state in District 12 and consequently, holds very little power and influence compared to the might of the Capitol. However, during the games, there are instances where Katniss stands up to the Capitol with acts of defiance, demonstrated in her three-fingered gesture after Rue's death as well as the double suicide attempt which caused the head gamemaker to revert the rules. Although Katniss is clearly depicted as a character with very little power compared to the influence of the Capitol, her choice to use her power regardless of how limited it is, empowers her actions and motives to a higher degree.

Power is often attained from our desire to have power for its use.