The Power of Delegation.

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Delegation is an important factor in managing any type of business or organization. But what is delegation? According to Google dictionary, delegation is "The process by which an object passes on a message it has received to a sub-ordinate object," (2005). A manager's responsibility is to plan, organize, direct and control. Delegation is an important part of these responsibilities. Delegation refers to specific decision making. Gerard M. Blair states, "The objective of delegation is to get the job done by someone else. Not just the simple tasks of reading instructions and turning a lever, but also the decision making and changes which depend upon new information. With delegation, your staff has the authority to react to situations without referring back to you," (2005). To me, delegation means telling someone to do a task and expecting them to be able to complete that task on their own. In this paper, I will be illustrating how managers in my company delegate as part of their management responsibilities how delegation should be used more effectively in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling in any organization.

Delegation is a highly developed skill necessary for any successful manager. Delegation of authority is a person-to-person relationship requiring trust, commitment, and contracting between the supervisor and the employee. In the book, "Don't Do, Delegate", Jenks and Kelly write, "All managers face a paradox: They need to produce results beyond their individual capabilities," (1986). Managers are hired and paid to help others be productive for a business. The only way to be productive is to delegate tasks. This implies that to achieve objectives and to be a successful manager would entail the exercise of influence over the actions of the people the manager works with. The managers in my organization delegate responsibilities, as part of their job requirements, to...