The Power of Genes

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If you had the ability to stop disease, like cancer, autism, Alzheimer's or any other illness that hasn't found a cure yet, wouldn't you want to be able to follow your goal. Genetic research is the study of human DNA to find out what genes and environmental factors contribute to diseases. If scientist are able to pursue genetic research they will be able to find what causes disease, better treat disease and hopefully even prevent disease from happening in the first place. Scientists are able to gain further knowledge of human diseases while studying human genetics because nearly every disease has a genetic component (Learn About Genetics 4). Each gene is made up of DNA, DNA is a very long code that tell human bodies how to develop and function (Learn About Genetics 4). A disease occurs when a DNA is altered by missing or extra pieces in one's DNA code (Learn About Genetics 4).

Researchers are able to find out what a disease is, by knowing which diseases cause missing or extra pieces in one's DNA code (Learn About Genetics 4). A complex disease is type of disease where it continuously changes it's own genetic compound, an example of this is cancer (Stetten 3.2). It is almost as though the disease wears a different costume every time it affects a human being. "With more research Scientist may be able to find the consistency with complex diseases," (Learn About Genetics 4) like cancer or other diseases with no current cure. This means being able understand what causes the disease (Stetten 3.2). This will lead to finding better medicine and better ways to treat disease. When Dr. Shoji Tsuji was studying Gaucher disease he discovered that the main reason it was occurring was because of a gene mutation (Stetten, index).