Power of love and relationships

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Power of Love and Relationships

Kelli Wagner

Social Psychology

Jennifer Madsen

April 28, 2014

Power of Love and Relationships

Think about your life, is it meaningful? If so, what makes it meaningful? Friends? Loved ones? Many people believe that the relationships they have with others is what makes their life meaningful. Everyone meets a multitude of individuals on a daily basis; these individuals that we meet can begin new relationships, some start up new friendships, some turn into romantic relationships and sometimes the stranger remains a stranger. Therefore, in the following the power of love, attraction, bonding, and types of love will be discussed.

There is a variety of factors that impact the type of individuals we are attracted to; proximity, physical attractiveness, similarity, equitable and reciprocity (Feenstra, 2013). Proximity can play a huge role in relationships. Someone is more likely to become friends with individuals that they see on a regular basis; such as individuals that they go to school with, live near, and/or work with (Feenstra, 2013).

The close proximity with others allow for exposure and attraction to grow (Laws of Attraction, 2014).

Individuals are attracted to others for a lot of reasons; however, physical attractiveness is an important factor. Research has shown that the intelligence, the personality, and the sincerity of the individual that we meet do not play a part in our attraction towards that person. Physical attractiveness seems to be what matters; the research continued to show that individuals prefer highly attractive people for dates and friendships (Feenstra, 2013).

Although individuals are attracted to physically attractive people; the attractiveness in both individuals needs to be similar. Many individuals have a tendency to believe that they are very attractive; therefore, they tend to communicate and flirt with individuals...