The Power Of Nature

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As the final crimson glow of the Sun shone across the vast seas, darkness gradually percolated the azure blue skies. A sense of obscurity pervaded my mind but as I peered into the myriad bright stars, a glimpse of hope shimmered in the interior of a constellation. Claret red, emerald green, sapphire blue and amber yellow amalgamated into a figure beyond description.

I knelt at the end of the cliff, appreciating what amazement Nature could bring. I witnessed two humpback whales leaping enormous heights, drawing arcs at the bottom-half of the full moon which embossed the firmament. Gloomy streaks of clouds which seemed to fuse with the backdrop of the sky abruptly intervened with the excitement of Nature's giants.

The clouds gathered into the axis of the moon and distorted the breath-taking sight. Soon enough, the weather turned blustery. Deafening blasts of Zeus's mallet could be heard miles away, coupled with a massive clout of lightning.

I felt the authority of Nature as the whales retreated back to their lairs far beneath the ocean. Nature's wrath was not to be incurred. I recovered from my stance and ran for shelter into the gazebo.

The sky wailed. The sound of rain thrashed the ground mercilessly, sending mud and grass down the slopes and into the churning sea. Nothing could have survived the relentless ebbs of the formidable ocean. Suddenly, a strong gale force swept through the gazebo and flung my hair into its ruthless tail.

My true self was revealed.