The Power of One: Peekay's Triumphs Over Adversity

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Triumph Over Adversity

By definition resiliency is the ability to recover from depression or adversity and throughout the Novel The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay, the Protagonist, Peekay, endures many hard times in which he shows resiliency.

One of these extremely hard times is the death of his chicken and best friend, Grandpa Chook. The Judge's brutal murder of Grandpa Chook left Peekay scared, upset, and vulnerable. Grandpa Chook was not only Peekay's friend, but also his guardian. Whenever Peekay was in trouble, whether it be with Mevrou or the Judge, Grandpa Chook was always there to save him, thus his death was an extremely hard thing for a young boy with no friends. Nevertheless, Peekay overcame this great sorrow and ceremonially buried his friend. This gave him closure and the ability to quickly recover and return to his normal life nearly unaffected. This triumph over his adversity shows that Peekay, even at such a young age, was very resilient.

Another of Peekay's adversities showed itself when he lost Doc. Although Doc was an old man, his death hit Peekay hard for two main reasons. The first reason why his death hit Peekay hard is the fact that Doc was like a father to him. Peekay never knew his real father and Doc was the only fatherly figure he had ever known. His death caused a real setback in Peekay's mind, where he could no longer think of his dreams of being the Welterweight Champion of the World, but only of how distraught he was over the loss of his "father," Doc. The second reason Doc's death hit Peekay so hard was that after experiencing only the brutal deaths of Grandpa Chook and Geel Piet, Doc's peaceful death was something he was unable to comprehend. As a...