Power at what Price? Describes Machiavelli and the intentions of his book, "The Prince". Talks about rulers that have followed the ideas in his book: Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein.

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Power at what Price?

In the early 1500's Niccolo Machiavelli published a book, The Prince on the control of one's power. The book was dedicated to the current prince of the Medici family, Giuliano de Medici, in Machaivelli's hopes to get on the prince's good graces and obtain an important government office. Giuliano de Medici died three years after Machiavelli's book was published, but although Machiavelli did gain a reputation in the Medici family, he never did receive an office position. He did, however, acquire international recognition that continues through today. Machiavelli's The Prince offers knowledge, good and bad, on how to successfully maintain an empire, and has been followed by modern rulers such as Hitler and Saddam Hussein.

Machiavelli had many ideas on how a ruler should manage his empire. He stated that a peasant would give the best advice on ruling an empire, because they see the common way of life among the public.

His ideas were exactly correct, although most of his ideas were very controversial. For example, Machiavelli stated that if a nation similar to one's own was conquered, that they were easily controlled from afar, and the emperor needed not to visit to prevent revolt and create loyalty. Although, if a country with a different language and culture was captured, one should send troops and accompany them himself, and learn the ways of the new country to gain popularity. Also, one could prevent other smaller neighboring countries from claiming the newly acquired nation. Machiavelli also wrote that the existing government in the captive nation should be completely destroyed, and a new one established, with laws that pleased both the public and the ruler himself. Although destruction of their government would upset many people, creation of a new government that continues to please the...