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PowerBar: Be Great. This is the slogan used by the company PowerBar Inc. in order to reinforce the athletic, intense, youthful image it wants to portray to its consumers of the PowerBar. PowerBar is a nutritional snack that can be easily be transported or eaten in a quick, but nutritional manner. From the basic need of a quick, easy, nutritional snack, our group consisting of Dana Smith, Kim Rooney, Bonnie Egan, Ali Kutner, and Jonathan Marcus, has decided that there is another market for this type of product. Rather than only targeting intensity filled athletes, PowerBar should target both women and men aged fifty and older. After much research, we have found that the need for this type of product is substantial. We will demonstrate through the marketing mix, analysis of consumer behavior, and analysis of our new target market how we will do this, and also keep our current market.

There are four distinct categories of nutrition bars appealing to different consumers: High-carbohydrate bars are targeted at serious athletes looking to keep energy levels high; meal-replacement bars are aimed at weight watchers in a hurry; high-protein bars are intended to build muscle in weekend warriors when eaten after exercising; and bars made for women that contain certain nutrients thought to be particularly useful to them.

While many bars offer mass appeal, others now target very specific audiences such as hikers, and athletes. Clif Bar, the makers of Luna bar supplies women with a nutritious combination of calcium for strong bones, soy protein associated with reduced breast cancer risk and with a healthy heart and bones, 100 percent of daily folic acid needs for a healthy heart, and 22 vitamins and minerals for overall wellness, or for women following specific diet plans. These nutrition packed bars provide consumers...