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I believe that the responsibility for welfare, education, and health care should go back to the states. The state legislative bodies, who live in & were likely born and raised in the areas that they would be representing, know their populace better then a large group of delegates living in Washington, D.C. Vies a Vie, if the afore mentioned responsibilities were to be put solely on the states, they could decide what is more reasonable for their own state, rather than one across the board ruling for each.

One state could have a very high level of families that are on a welfare required income, and if the central government sets a comprehensive quantity of welfare money each state receives, then a state with a higher number of families on welfare would have to give each family less. If each state was responsible for setting the welfare limit, then they could appropriately provide each family a suitable amount of welfare money, based on the quantity of families on the state welfare system.

If the national government were to set the standards and provide the finances, I believe that the states should still have power over over the final details. Like was mentioned before, the states know their residents better than anyone, because they are residents of the state and know what their state and fellow statesmen necessitate and desire.

I believe that most domestic predicaments can be handled by the state and local governments. No one wants another person, who is not from their area of the country & who cannot relate to what they are going dealing with, telling them how to solve their tribulations, when most of the time the individual pointing the finger cannot even come close to relating to the disagreement in question.