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Executive SummaryThe introduction of Starbucks new Shamrock Shimmy Latte needed a successful public relations campaign to communicate with the internal and external publics of Starbucks. Starbucks identified the following six areas of focus for the PR campaign team to use in the development of the PR plan:•PR issues•Objectives•Publics (internal and external)•Strategy (big picture)•Tactics/PR tools used•Business implications (monetary and/or image)The PR campaign created based on these focus areas has changed how Starbucks views the introduction of new specialty drinks. Starbucks communicated specific PR issues with its internal and external publics while establishing real objectives that are in line with current organizational goals. The internal and external publics for Starbucks were communicated with and nurtured through the creation process of this new specialty drink.

Strategically the Shamrock Shimmy Latte PR campaign plan will open domestically throughout the United States on March 1, 2007, with the first sale of this drink on St. Patrick's Day. The tactics of this PR plan included the use of the internet, open houses, and promotional gifts to increase the awareness of this new drink. Starbucks developed video news releases and press releases, which used only a small portion of drinks revenues to present their publics a common picture necessary to promote this drink and meet the goals of the PR campaign.

Starbuck's public relations top priority is to put in place an effective plan. The paper will layout a specific PR campaign plan that will describe the following: public relation issues, objectives that will explain the campaign, how the internal and external publics we be addressed, the strategy or big picture and tactics. Lastly, the paper will include the business implication; showing the gains and losses dealing with money and/or image.

PR IssuesThe major organizational issues concerning Starbucks new Shamrock Shimmy Latte can identify within the...