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The Elias Group: Leader in Diversity in the WorkplaceThe Elias Group is a non-profit organization dedicated toproviding information, services and assistance to businesses wishing to contract with U. S. Government (Apollo Group, 2004). Beginning in 1997, The Elias Group was led by Ms. Elias who retired from her post as the Deputy Administrator for the General Services Administration. With a full time staff of 31 employees and a network of over 100 specialists, the Elias Group has grown tremendously and has a very simple human resources information system. In 2007, The Elias Group has made a decision to be a leader in embracing diversity in the workplace and has contracted Team C to help with this implementation from a public relation standpoint. To begin this respectable goal of diversity, Team C will be analyzing the public relation issues with diversity, identifying the target audience, discussing ethical implications, developing a market research plan to support the initiative, analyzing how the PR campaign will affect marketing functions, and analyze the relationships between proactive and reactive public relations.

This research will tremendously help the Elias Group become successful in their new campaign for diversity.

Diversity Public Relation IssuesThe Elias Group's public relation issues begin internally and extend externally. The Elias Group would like to position itself as a leader in diversity in the workplace. The first step begins with internal public relations that involve education and training of all employees in the organization on diversity issues prior to the message being sent to the public. The Elias Group consists of 31 full-time employees and a network of over a hundred specialists catering to customer needs. The Elias Group is a small organization, but still deal with diversified issues. With over 131 employees on staff that come from diverse backgrounds, The Elias...