PR Campaign: Riordan Manufacturing Inc.

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Executive Summary

Riordan's ability to turn opportunities into success depends upon two aspects. The first is how the company responds to change in the marketplace and the second is the overall health of the company. Riordan needs to ensure company survival by reaching out to customers with new, affordable and reliable products.

In moving the Pontiac plant to Nogales, Mexico, these issues will be addressed. The concerns of volume, growth, profit margin, investment return along with research and development can be enhanced. The impact upon the various publics of Riordan, the stockholders, employees and the community are invariably affected in a profound manner. The effects will be felt short-term; however, can be utilized in a positive long-term style with reducing costs yet increasing profitability.

Productivity, potential productivity, research and development and overall company growth is predicted at a 30% increase within the first year. With advances of machinery and computer information technologies as well as labour costs, time components are minimized.

An acceleration of productivity of efficient machinery accounts for another 10% in reducing costs. On a continued basis the current level of gross investment will continue to grow in the immediate years ahead. Driven primarily by the recent productivity increase, growth of potential GDP over the next year is forecast to increase by implementing these relocation strategies.

Company Overview

When any company prepares for a campaign, many aspects need to be planned accordingly. This overview will show the aspects of a public relations campaign for Riordan Manufacturing. The campaign should affect ethical, technological, global issues, crisis management plans, budgetary issues, and strategies to have a successful campaign. After implementing this PR campaign, Riordan Manufacturing will net a successful outcome.

Since a public relations practitioner's work is capable of influencing others, ethics plays a critical role between the public and...