PR Campaign for Shamrock Shimmy

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The Shamrock Shimmy is Starbucks latest offering in flavored espresso drinks. When introducing new products Starbucks Coffee relies upon marketing, but what is importance is the public relations aspect within the marketing mix which the organization will implement.

What will be the roles and functions of public relations within the Starbucks organization when introducing the Shamrock Shimmy? Starbucks will address the PR issues which can influence public opinion, target the correct audiences identifying the most valuable prospects in a given category, enable Starbucks to maintain ethical relationship with the public, understand the functions and responsibilities of public relations, and the efficient integration of those functions within the marketing mix. One will examine these roles and functions of public relations within the Starbucks organization, and show examples of the five aspects previously mentioned.

DiscussionPR IssuesThe major organizational issues concerning Starbucks new Shamrock Shimmy Latte can be identified within the RACE approach used to identify the potential influencing factors of public opinion (Frazier, 2004).

RACE stands for Research, Action, Communication, and Evaluation. In creating this new line of coffee drink Starbucks must do sufficient research to ensure the publics have examined internal and external attitudes about the potential product. In the action phase Starbucks must gauge the company interest in marketing this new product along with a public survey seeking concurrence from the public evidence the product would sell. Starbucks would have to identify the proper communications needed to formulate a PR campaign plan that would get the publics attention and buy in from these publics for this new coffee product. In evaluating the communications to see if the external and internal publics are interested in this new drink, Starbucks must spell out the specific issues needed to be focused on in the campaign plan. The PR marketing issues for Starbucks...