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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital continues to preserve anobligation to the health-care needs of the public, while also offering specialized medical services for all members of the community. Several critical steps must be taken to ensure the strategy of the public relations campaign is successful. This paper will highlight each of the following critical steps of Patton-Fuller Community Hospital's public relations campaign strategy. Team A has compiled objectives for the public relations campaign, identified the organization's publics, identified risks, a written media release, developed a tactical plan and evaluated the business implication of Patton-Fuller's strategies to build media relations and generate publicity.

Objectives When determining in which direction an organization will go, developing a strategic plan is important. A strategic plan includes an organizations "long-range plans, usually made at upper levels of management, and they involve decisions concerning major goals of an organization, and policies for their implementation" (Lattimore et al, 2004, pg.

116). After reviewing employee applications, reviews, and corrections, Patton-Fuller Community Hospital would like to improve patient-doctor relationships beginning with the nursing staff. Nurses are the first to come in contact with patients. According to the several of the applications, many members of the nursing staff are applying with little or no experience. Furthermore, many of the reviews show average to acceptable work. In order to provide the best care possible to the hospital's patients and increase reviews, current employees will be encouraged to increase their enthusiasm. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital will focus on improving the nursing staff by diversifying with more energetic, enthused, educated and experienced staff. Publics A public is defined as "a group of people with a stake in an issue, organization, or idea" (Seitel, 2004, pg. 9). Patton-Fullers Hospital's reputation, strategy, and even continued presence will depend on the degree to which the organization's publics support...