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The formal practice of what today is called public relations is less than 100 years old. Yet during its relatively brief history, public relations have been defined in many widely differing ways. Not surprisingly, the earliest definitions emphasized the roles of press agent and publicity since these were major elements from which modern public relations grew. Later as public relations was recognized and employed by more organizations, definitions began to include more than just a press and publicity, but the need for research prior to initiating actions, careful planning and thorough evaluation or measurement of results, Continuing, systematic process instead of a one-time or single activity. In this paper I would like to discuss, what I know about public relations and its roles.

Public Relations Impact

According to Council of public relations firms, "public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other" In this definition it seems like it is defining what public relation does, instead of what public relation is.

Ultimately the essential functions of public relation are research, planning, communications dialogue and evaluation are implied. The bird-eye view should be focused on the entire "organization" rather than the limiting implication of " company" or "business", and "publics" which should recognizes that all organizations have multiple publics from which they must earn consent and support.

Public relations in McDonald Technologies is handled by the Sales & Marketing group. Since both advertising and public relations is part of my job, I have felt and learned the difference between them. In advertising you can say anything, the company pays for all the expenses. But in public relations you are responsible for free publicity, getting the organizations name out there with no hype, just news. You are the liaison between the media and your organization. But PR...