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Observing a chemical reaction Practical 3 Angela Richards Year 11 Aim: 1- To make as many observations as possible of a chemical reaction.

2- To learn to distinguish between observations and interpretations 3- To learn to distinguish between qualitative and quantitative observations.

Equipment: 1 100- ml beaker 1 plastic spoon 1 thermometer 1 magnifying glass 1 glass stirring rod 2 safety goggles Materials: Copper chloride dihydrate, Aluminium foil, 8cm x 8cm CuC12 - 2H20 Procedure: A small amount of copper chloride dihydrate was put aside and the group had a close look. The observations were recorded.

2- A quarter of the 100- ml beaker was filled with tap water. The plastic spoon was used ,one level of crystals were placed into the beaker with out being stirred. Both; crystals and the water were looked at carefully. Observations were recorded.

3- The glass stirring rod was used to stir until the crystals had dissolved.

4- The foil cut 8cm x 8cm was loosely crumpled together. The thermometer was placed into the beaker and then the foil. Results were recorded.

5- When observations were complete the liquids were poured down the sink. Everything was cleaned and dried including out hands before we left the laboratory.