Prac Essay for area of study- physical journey "The Journey Not the Arrival Matters"

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The statement suggesting that "the journey not the arrival matters" can be discussed either way. In the case of Lionheart, the recount of Jesse Martin's solo trip around the world, can prove this statement true as the book is written about the journey itself and the importance of the process in order to finish it. Another source, which proves the statement true, is text 2 from the stimulus booklet The Ivory Trail--an advertisement or book cover depicting an image of a story written by the author Victor Kelleher. On the other hand The Road Not Taken (by Robert Frost, text 1) puts forward the case that the arrival does have more significance than the journey itself.

The theme of Lionheart, among many, is the ability to fulfil dreams. In Jesse's case, he wanted to journey around the world. Part of this dream was to also finish it, as he wanted to set a world record.

However, through-out the journal of his voyage he realizes that the actual process of getting to the end is what counts. He states at the end of his trip "even if I had died out there, I would be satisfied because I was in the process of doing something which I wanted to do." It is constant towards the end of his memoire that he doesn't care about finishing because of the great satisfaction and rewarded feeling he received from the actual journey itself.

Text 2, the book cover/advertisement of Victor Kelleher's book The Ivory Trail contains an important feature to its representation of journey. A succinct blurb located at the top right border of the cover--'not all journeys have an ending'--encapsulates the exact reasoning for the statement. Not only does the journey matter over the arrival at the end, but this text...